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Retirement Planning Articles address issues like projecting future and current retirement income, explaining the nature and phases of retirement, life expectancy for retirees, fast saving strategies, wealth accumulation issues, and, in general, all aspects of planning, preparing, and organizing your retirement life.

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Working after Retirement Can be Tricky
Many workers say they’re planning on working well into their retirement But saying you’ll work during your retirement doesn’t make it so and the facts bear that out. Why is that and what’s it to you?...read more

Turn Your Premature Retirement into an Opportunity for Both of You
Many couples both work, and plan to do so, until they retire together. But sometimes unexpected layoffs will force one spouse out of a job within 5 years of their planned retirement date. If he’s the higher earner, lack of fulltime job prospects can force him into an early retirement. How should you handle such a predicament?...read more

Answer These Questions to Help Prepare for Retirement
Here’s a way to taking control of your retirement. It’ll make you feel comfortable and assured. Just answer these questions to get you into the swing of things. Searching out their answers will put you in control...read more

Avoid Irreversible Decisions Before You Create a Good Retirement Plan
Irreversible decisions are those retirement options you choose that cause significant loss of your money to taxes or restrict how you can receive your money.  Don’t make such decisions until you’re comfortable with how you’ll move through your retirement years. This article points out what to watch out for...read more

Gear Yourself Up for Creating a Decent Retirement
You’ve moved past 55 years old and fast approaching retirement age. But you’re way behind on savings because of hard times, neglect, or financial catastrophe. What do you do now to salvage some financial security for your later years?  Create a philosophy of success!...read more

Retirees Have an Investment Horizon Longer than They Think
Retirees at age 65 often think they have about 10 years left. They’re statistically wrong and their projections on the investment amount they’ll need to carry them through retirement will be wrong too. They misperceive their remaining life expectancy. Here’s what they should know about the time they have left...read more

How to Project Your Financial Status at Retirement
You can make a good projection of what your retirement financial status will be; and that means how your retirement income compares to your retirement expenses. You need to know that so you can take some quick steps if you’re in bad shape...read more

It’s Never Too Late to Create an Agreeable Retirement
If you’re fast approaching retirement age but far behind in retirement savings, don’t give up! You can still pull together a retirement that you can enjoy. With perseverance, planning, and a little sacrifice, you can create an agreeable retirement even for a late start...read more

Project a Better Retirement with Only 4 or 5 Years to Go?
Knowing what your retirement income and expense is essential to planning your retirement life. You can estimate your income and expenses under your present circumstance. ....
read more

Prepare to Grow Into Your Retirement
Working, raising a family, and striving to get ahead not only kept you busy but produced accomplishment and identity for you. In retirement, your kids have moved on to take care of themselves, your retirement income may be sufficient to relax. How will you handle it?...read more

If you can read this, you’ll be living longer than you expect!
How long will you statistically live? You probably think that statistically you’ll live to about 75. The life expectancy for people born in the year 1900 was 53. That means 50% of the people born in 1900 were expected to live beyond 53. Of course the other 50% were expected to have died before reaching it. Mortality data showed that to be true. What about now that your 65 or so?....read more 

Questions to Answer about the Retirement Phase of Your Life
Retirement brings a whole new set of considerations to our lives. It’s our third – and last – phase of life. In this article I’ll outline the sequential stages of our retirement years and the issues you should address – ideally, early in the first stage...read more

Manage Your Retirement Income with the Critical Ages in Mind
Certain ages are critical when managing our retirement plans. Failure to plan with those ages in mind can produce lost benefits. In this article I outline those dates and explain how they affect your retirement benefits...read more

Enjoy Retirement by Recreating a New Mental Outlook
Retirement is our third phase of life. Our first phase found us growing up and becoming educated to make a living. In the Second phase we create a family and the wealth to support and raise the kids through their own first phase...read more

Making Yourself Financially Independent Isn’t Lucky - It’s Planning
If you're going nowhere you won’t need a plan. But if you want to accomplish something, you'll invariably need a plan – an effective plan. Most people think becoming financially independent is a pie-in-the-sky happenstance for those with high incomes, lottery winners, and lucky investors. They’re wrong...read more





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