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Managing Savings articles deal with how to allocate your savings for both equity growth and income generation in retirement. Essential topics here treat how to group savings in term of their tax status for minimization of taxation and maximization of growth. Strategy of savings are important here too. Qualified Plans such as IRAs may be treated here, but we also have a separate category for QPs too. See what interests you here.

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Help Maintain Your Wealth: What to Withdraw From and When
Retirees are interested in preserving their wealth as long as possible. But because different assets are taxed differently Ė and yearly where required Ė the order in which you withdraw income from your assets can significantly affect how fast youíll deplete your wealth.  So when should you withdraw from which type of assets?..read more

Even after taxes, a tax-deferred investing beats out annually taxed investing
The eventual taxation of tax-deferred investments leaves you with more than if that investment gave you earnings that are annually taxed. And the longer you go without withdrawing from the tax-deferred investment, the magic of compounding makes its advantage explode...read more

Itís Never Too Late to Create an Agreeable Retirement
If youíre a Boomer or fast approaching retirement age but youíre far behind in retirement savings, donít give up. You can still pull together a retirement that you can enjoy. With perseverance, planning, and sacrifice, you can retire in relative comfort even with a late start...read more

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