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Life Insurance articles address many issues related to insurance. These include the nature of life insurance, its purpose, its costs, the various riders you can get with life insurance. You'll find out how life insurance serves different purposes for retirees and how they can pull money out of their life insurance contracts if necessary. Find out how to 'find' life insurance suitable to your needs.

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Use Life Insurance to Secure Income for Life without Losing Your Legacy
Life insurance replaces wealth (or income) when it creates wealth at the event of your death. Here’s how you might use it to secure a riskless lifetime income without losing your legacy...read more

Use Life insurance to Help Second Marriage Estate Planning Issues
How do you make provisions for both your current wife and your children from a previous marriage when you die? You can eliminate potential financial friction after you die with the help of life insurance. Here’s how…read more

When Are Life Insurance Proceeds Taxed to Beneficiaries?
Life insurance proceeds - aka death benefit - at the death of the insured are generally tax free. But there are circumstances that will trigger some tax on what a beneficiary receives. Here are some…read more

How To Fund Your Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
The purpose of an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) is to keep the death benefit of life insurance on your life out of your estate so as to eliminate the estate taxes that would rob some of those proceeds when you die...read more

Designating Beneficiaries of Life Insurance Owned by a Trust
If you own life insurance on your life, when you die the value of your life insurance proceeds will be part of your estate. Even though your life insurance beneficiaries will receive their proceeds income tax free, what they receive may be reduce by your estate tax obligations...read more

Should You Convert Your Life Insurance from Term to Permanent?
If you’ll need some amount of life insurance coverage until you die, you may want to convert your term insurance to permanent – if you can...read more


What To Consider if You’re Considering Term Life Insurance
Although you’re close to retirement, you may still need life insurance if you’ve got people counting on your income. Buying term insurance is the cheapest way to go.  Here are some points to keep in mind…read more


Retirees Can Use Their Life Insurance To Replenish Lost Savings

The recession took a heavy toll on the savings of some retirees and those soon-to-be. Because they haven’t the years left to rebuild what they’ve lost, some are looking to replenish some of their losses with their life insurance policies. Should you?..read more


The Pros and Cons of No-Load Insurance Products
Annuities and life insurance the main insurance products; they’re typically sold on commission by an insurance agent. This essentially increases their cost to the buyer. On the other hand, products sold directly by an insurance company without the use of an agent have reduced costs. They’re considered ‘no-load’ insurance. Let’s consider their pros and cons...read more


What Does Life Insurance Securitization Mean to You?
Turning life insurance settlements into securities is a natural, next step for the industry. How does that happen and what does it mean to you?...read more

Life Insurance and Annuity Products Play a Part in Asset Protection
Asset protection’s main concern is protection of assets – protecting them from being diminished or lost altogether. Of course there are many ways that a claim can be made on your assets. And each way often requires a different strategy. Insurance products can play a part. Here’s how…read more

Keeping Your Life Insurance Is Not an ‘All-or-Nothing’ Decision
Perhaps you bought life insurance years ago with the expectation of not needing it at retirement. But, as you begin retirement, you find that your savings are less than you expected. So, what should you do about your life insurance?..read more


An Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust Can Be Useful for Estate Planning Strategies
Life insurance creates money in the form of a death benefit when you die. That death benefit goes tax free to the beneficiary. But a death benefit’s purpose can change during your life. At retirement, your wealth may be better served by using life insurance within an irrevocable trust – an ILIT. Here’s why…read more

Use Life Insurance to Fund a Supplemental Special Needs Trust
You may worry about how, after you die, you will care for an adult child who is permanently disabled. And making a provision for any special or extra care you can make available to him afterwards may make a big difference in his life...read more

When to Consider Taking Cash for Your Policy under a Life Settlement

If retirees have no use for their policy, then they should take what money they can get for it. If it’s a policy with cash value, then they should find out what the insurance company will pay as a surrender value...read more


A Second-To-Die Life Insurance Policy Covers Those Who Remain
As a couple, you may be concerned about loved ones remaining after you both die. If these concerns can be satisfied with cash that you don’t have or isn’t available, then you can use a second-to-die life insurance policy to provide it.  Here’s when and why using such a policy can help you…read more

Use Life Insurance’s Cash Value for Some of Your Retirement Income
With a few years left before your retirement, consider contributing more to your life insurance for future income use. Life insurance can help you shore up your retirement income shortfall. Here’s how…read more

What Are Life Insurance Dividends All About?
Life insurance that has a cash value offers a savings component as well as a pure insurance component. Such savings give the life insurance an investment purpose – a purpose you may which to re-evaluate at retirement. Such an investment can return dividends to you. But what do dividends actually mean to you?...read more

Be Sure To Evaluate Your Cash Value Life Insurance’s Performance
Retirees with life insurance can re-evaluate their policies performance. The rate at which your life insurance company credits interest to your cash value, supplies you dividends or adjusts your pure insurance rate reflects the performance and competitive position of your policy...read more

Life Insurance Tips on Health and Policy Maintenance Issues
Getting a life insurance policy or maintaining one sometimes may be difficult, especially for retirees. Below are a few health tips to help you get a policy and some more tips that help you maintain one if you’re having financial problems...read more


What A Retiree Should Review About His Life Insurance Policy
Arriving at your retirement begins a new phase in your life. Your age and retirement from work will affect your outlook. So, it’s an ideal time to review your future aspirations, the suitability of your investments, and the various protections you use against adverse circumstances. Let’s consider how to review your life insurance which is predominantly used for protection...read more


Life Insurance Tips for Retirees’ Retirement and Estate Planning
Life insurance can still play a vital part as you move into your retirement phase. Then you’ll be assessing your plans for retirement living and the eventual disposition of your estate. Here is a list of life insurance tips you can use for both your retirement and estate planning...read more


Let Your Life Insurance Come to Your Rescue
You may normally think of your life insurance policy in terms having the premiums pay for the death benefit it gives to your beneficiaries. But under trying circumstances while you’re living, your life insurance can come to your own rescue.  Here are a few circumstances when it can help...read more


Cashing In On Your Life Insurance Before You Die:
If you hold a life insurance policy with a cash value, you can access that value many different ways. But these ways come down to either requesting the cash from your insurance company or selling the policy to a third party as in a viatical-type settlement. Let’s look at these options...read more


What Can Life Insurance Companies Ask You When You Apply?
Life insurance companies are in business to make money – not lose money. They charge premiums to their customers to cover all their operating costs and benefit payouts. Their key determinant of how much to charge is based on mortality tables. These tables statistically predict how long a person will live...read more


Key Life Insurance Death Benefit Issues To Know About
When someone who is insured under a life insurance policy dies, several issues associated with the life insurance death benefit come into play. Here’s an overview of these issues...read more


Is It Worth Donating Your Life Insurance to a Charity?
The benefits of donating your life insurance policy to charity can be varied and, perhaps, dubious. To see the ramifications of doing so, first check out what you’ll be accomplishing for yourself – and for the charity. It all depends on the circumstances: your circumstance and the charity’s. Here’s the scoop…read more

Difficultly Disputing a Life Insurance Beneficiary After the Owner’s Death
The hallmark of life insurance is the assurance that the assigned policy beneficiary will be paid the death benefit after the insured dies.  So, keep the assigned beneficiary of your policy updated while you’re alive. But if you’ve incorrectly made the designation or haven’t updated it, it’s pretty difficult for you to change it after you die – and for anyone else to do so who’s still alive...read more

Get Health Check-ups and Treatments to Maintain Your Health and Life Insurance Options
As you approach or begin retirement you may find that life insurance can help fulfill some of your wishes. But applying for or renewing a life insurance policy often requires you to take a physical exam. Life insurance companies want to bet on you living longer. You can take that bet but only if you keep healthy...read more

Taking a Loan from Your Life Insurance Can be Dangerous to Your Plans
Everyone, including retirees, finds the need for some extra money at one point or another. Those who have life insurance may consider taking a loan from it. The equity component of whole life insurance polices – especially variable universal life – presents a store of savings that you can access in time of need. Though borrowing against your insurance policy may be an attractive option, be aware of the danger it presents to your plans...read more

Keep Your Life Insurance Proceeds for Your Beneficiary and out of Your Estate
When you purchased your life insurance, you had a beneficiary in mind and hopefully designated him on the policy. If, however, you were undecided at that time, then you – or more specifically your estate – became the beneficiary. Don’t forget to update your policy by deciding and designating your beneficiary or you’ll undermine a lot of the benefits that a life insurance payout can give your intended beneficiary...read more

What are Term Life Insurance Options for Aging Baby Boomers
Baby boomers are into their early to mid 60s now. Because baby boomers are a ‘bulge’ in the age population, the life insurance market is more competitive in reducing rates for this group. Staying up-to-date on your life insurance options, their rates and your needs makes good financial sense. Let’s take a look at the options …read more

How to Put Your Life Insurance Records in Order
You haven’t done everything you should about your estate planning if you haven’t made your records understandable and accessible by those you leave behind. When you’re gone, others have to find your records so they can to take actions on your holdings – actions you want them to take. Let’s see how to get your life insurance on your life in order for your spouse or another to act efficiently when the times comes...read more

What’s This about Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance?
It’s hard to miss all the TV Ads that offer it to you. They’re clearly targeting older retirees. What’s it all about? If it’s not a scam, how can an insurance copy offer it and not get ripped off itself?  Guaranteed acceptance life insurance means what it says: you apply for it and as long as you can pay for it, you get it with no medical exam and no medical questions! Here’s the deal….read more

Designate a Life Insurance Beneficiary So It Doesn’t Go to Your Probate Beneficiaries
When you purchase a life insurance policy on your life, you can obviously designate a beneficiary for its death benefit. But if there’s no live or designated beneficiary, it’ll go into your estate’s probate process with its own beneficiaries. Here’s why you should avoid letting this happen…read more

When Can You Buy or Own Life Insurance on Someone Else’s Life?
A person generally buys a life insurance on his life to supply the death benefit – cash - to his beneficiary when he dies. But can anyone buy or own life insurance on someone else’s life. That’s what this article addresses...read more

Problems Naming Persons as Beneficiaries of Your Life Insurance
You have to be aware of problems you can have when you name a person as beneficiary of your life insurance. This article presents circumstances that can produce problems you didn’t intend to happen...read more.

Use Trusts to Get Your Life Insurance Proceeds to the Beneficiaries You Intend
Naming individuals as beneficiaries of your life insurance can produce problems getting your death benefit used as you intended. This article overviews who you should avoid designating as beneficiaries and devices you can use to assure your intentions for those benefits...read more

What You Should Know about Level Term Life Insurance
As you approach retirement, you may still have reasons to own life insurance at least for a while.  You might consider ‘level term’ life insurance as an option. Here’s what you should know...read more


Switching Life Insurance Policies - Keep This in Mind
As you approach retirement, your life circumstance is geared to change.  Because your life insurance needs depend on your circumstance, it’s geared to change too. So switching life insurance polices becomes a consideration. But here’s what to keep in mind...read more


Use Life Insurance to Complement Your Pension Payout Plan
Ensuring the best possible income for you and your spouse during retirement until you both die is important. You can use life insurance to enhance your company pension payout plan choices. Here’s a couple of ways to approach ensuring an income for both your lives...read more

How Does a Viatical Differ From a Life Settlement?
If you have a life insurance policy with cash value assigned to it, you can probably sell it. Both Life Settlements and Viaticals involve selling a life insurance policy. This article explains how they differ...read more

Considerations for Retirees Can Seeking to Sell Their Life Insurance Policies                       

If you need more cash, look to the value of your life insurance policy. But you must determine if you’re willing to forego the policy’s death benefit for your beneficiaries and what amount of cash you can get for it. This article shows you some simple things to consider...read more


What’s Your Life Insurance Company’s Risk Assessment of You

You may choose life insurance to help payoff your bills, estate taxes, take care of a spouse or create a legacy for your love ones at your death. But the benefit of your life insurance comes at a cost of the premiums you pay for it.  And that cost is in large part determined by what the life insurance company thinks your remaining life expectancy is when you apply. That’s the risk you pose to them. Here are their assessment categories and reasons. read more

How Life insurance as a Tax Shelter May Benefit You
Ensuring that a family can financially survive the death of its bread winner has been the principal purpose of life insurance since its conception. Over the years, it’s developed many tax-saving attributes that increase its usefulness as a store of value - for retirees too. Which tax benefit can you use? read more

Reasons to Sell Your Life Insurance Policy
A Life insurance settlement presents a unique opportunity to a policy holder to extract the maximum possible value from an existing life insurance policy. He can use those funds for alternative needs. Many people choose this option because the cash value of a life settlement generally exceeds the surrender value that the life insurance company would have been paid...read more

Avoid Mistakes When Buying or Maintaining a Life Insurance Policy
When approaching or entering retirement, you may put your estate and savings in order, but watch out you don’t foolishly allocate your money.  If you’re considering life insurance to achieve some ends, avoid misjudging its benefit to you...read more


Use a Life Insurance Trust to Achieve Some Estate Planning Goals
Life insurance creates money in the form of a death benefit when you die.  But estate taxes can take a big chunk of your estate – and that includes any proceeds of your life insurance. Using a life insurance trust can bypass estate taxes and help in other ways...read more

Ways to Use Life Insurance in Your Estate Planning
Life insurance can help you provide the extra cash that protects your estate from being gouged by estate taxes. Here's how...read more

Life insurance riders for changing needs at lower cost

Underwriting is that part of a life insurance policy’s cost for evaluating the risks of insuring you specifically. Rather than beginning a brand new life insurance policy – with all its costs - when your needs change – you can often find a rider policy to add to your base policy for a minor premium...read more.


Which Type Of Life Insurance Suits You?
The ultimate reason for buying life insurance is for paying a benefit to a beneficiary when you die. The purpose of that payout benefit varies with your situation. Life insurance as well as health insurance, is priced by the insurance companies based on your health. Life insurance companies expect you to live statistically so many years....read more 


Health Concerns for life insurance differ from insuring a life annuity
Both life insurance and life annuities are handled through insurance companies. But they view your health status differently for these two product types. Let’s see why....read more


Term Insurance and Terms You Need to Understand
Insurance companies charge you premiums based on your health and age. When you buy life insurance to cover you for only a set number of years, the insurance companies offer you different types of premium options to pay for your coverage. This article explains some key words that insurance companies use to characterize these premium types. Understanding them is critical to recognizing the possible cost and length of your coverage...read more

Your Life Insurance Policy Presents Many Options If You’re Short on Cash

If you’re in need of cash or running short on income, you can turn to your permanent life insurance policy to help you out. Your policy carries both a cash value and provides a death benefit at your death.This article shows a variety of ways your policy can solve your cash needs...read more

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