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Health expense articles address issues related to your health. These may include ways to maintain good healthy living. But we also touch on long term care too but it is generally treated in its own category. Medicare and Medicaid are generally treated in a separate category but some related issues will show up here. For any general health issue, first look here.

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Don’t Underestimate Off-Shore Healthcare Versus Medicare Benefits
Moving abroad for retirement can really lower your living expenses considerably. That way, your income can go a lot further. But Medicare won’t pay for your medical expenses that you incur off shore. That can scare a lot of retirees from moving abroad. But is this something that should scare you?..read more

Get Non-Itemized Medical Deductions with a HSA before Medicare Eligibility 2013
If you’re not yet eligible for Medicare (age 65) you can get a tax break paying for you medical costs. But you need to use Health Savings Account (HSA) in conjunction with a high deductible health insurance plan to do so. Let’s see how it works…read more

Medical Tourism – Benefits, Cautions and the Process
You’ve heard a lot about the rising cost of healthcare. Well, ‘medical tourism’ is a way to lower your costs. It’s especially attractive to retirees unable to qualify for Medicare too. Let’s take a look at what it is...read more

Hospice Care You Can Count on When You’re Terminally Ill
With all the costs of long term care, you needn’t worry when terminal illness sets in. You can count on hospice – a source of help and comfort to people who are nearing the end of life as well as to their family. It’s available to anyone regardless of illness, culture, age, gender or financial status...read more

Tax Benefits Help You Provide Your Long Term Care through Insurance
Congress passed The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) of 1996 (HIPPA) to help people to take financial responsibility for their long term care (LTC). It provides for deductibility of qualified long term care expenses and excludes from taxable income your qualified long term care benefits...read more

How to Let Medicaid Pay for Your Long Term Care
‘Medicaid Planning’ has come to mean planning to transfer your assets to qualify for Medicaid coverage of your long term care (LTC) costs. That’s because annual nursing home costs - about $75,000 nationwide. Paying this for just a year or two can deplete your savings or cut into you intended legacy for your children. What can you do?...read more

Medical Tourism - Going Off-Shore for Less Expensive but Quality Procedures
With the cost of U.S. healthcare increasing, finding alternatives that lower costs come into play. If you require a hospital procedure that’s too expensive for you, consider going off-shore. There you can find quality care at significantly reduced prices...read more


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