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Asset Protection Articles address issues related to what constitutes asset protection, what your protecting your assets from, categories of asset protection, and approaches to arranging asset protection. These include using On-Shore and Off-Shore asset protection devices such as trusts, business entities, or simply bank accounts.  See what's relevant for you.

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Florida Says ‘Inherited’ IRAs Don’t Get Protection from Creditors
The federal government created qualified plans – such as Pensions, 401(k), and IRA retirement plans –as an incentive for workers to save for their retirement. As a further incentive, federal law[1] offers protection of these plans’ funds from creditor claims under bankruptcy. But beware, plan beneficiaries aren’t so protected from their creditors...read more

Life Insurance and Annuity Products Play a Part in Asset Protection
Asset protection’s main concern is protection of assets – protecting them from being diminished or lost altogether. Of course there are many ways that a claim can be made on your assets. And each way often requires a different strategy. Insurance products can play a part. Here’s how…read more

Help Protect the Assets of Your Elderly Parent or Spouse
An elderly parent or spouse may have solely owned and controlled his assets for the benefit of you or a spouse. But his sudden death or incapacity can prevent those assets from being used by the very people he wanted to help. Here’s what’s at jeopardy and how to quickly remedy the situation...read more

Recognize What’s At Risk To Identity Theft And Signs Of Theft
Identity theft is big business since there’s easy money to be made with it and it’s relatively easy to steal identity information. Learn to be aware of what’s at risk and recognize the signs that your identity information has been stolen. The elderly are extremely vulnerable to ID theft since they can be easily confused by clever approaches by ID thieves...read more

Stay Alert to Prevent Identity Thieves from Stealing Your Money or Identity
Thieves make money using identity information of other people. They’re out there finding ways to steal whatever ID information they can get from you. Elderly are often easy prey for them. Your best defense is to be aware of when your identity information is vulnerable to be stolen...read more

State Laws May Make Some Qualified Plan Money Vulnerable to Creditors
Qualified plans – often referred to as retirement accounts – are government-regulated savings accounts carrying tax-advantages as an incentive for workers to save for their retirement. Pensions, 401(k), and IRAs are examples of some well-known qualified plan. ERISA legislated some retirement account protection against creditors under bankruptcy laws. But state laws also affect that protection...read more

How Does Asset Protection Differ from Estate and Financial Planning
You may hear the mention of asset protection when you’re discussing estate planning, but realize that asset protection has a distinctly different goal.  Let’s consider what each does and doesn’t do to clear our conceptions of each...read more

Asset Protection For the Uninitiated
One specialty in financial planning is asset protection. This relatively new area has grown considerably over the last two decades. What’s prompted this growth is the increased occurrence in the U.S. of unfair court judgments that can devastate your wealth... read more

Four Investments Carry ‘Government’ Asset Protection -But with Limitations
But before constructing a comprehensive asset protection plan, you should know what protection the government offers for 4 investment categories. Below, I overview from whom you are – and are not- protected and some limitations for these 4 investments categories: qualified plans, life insurance, annuities, and your homestead...read more


IRAs and Qualified Plans Offer Limited Asset Protection
You can lose your assets to creditors (whom you’ve borrowed from), to claims under divorce or paternity suits, to trumped-up claims against your deep pockets, or to government for taxes owed...read more


Government Asset Protection - Too Much and None Where There Should Be
Government laws and its legal system play a part in asset protection. In some venues they may protect too much, while in others, they’re the villain that we should be protected from. This article examines.. read more


Coming to Terms with Asset Protection Strategies

Asset protection deals with protecting your assets from others who may make a claim on them through a court action. Developing an approach to what asset protection strategy you need requires you to understand which assets of yours are vulnerable to be claimed, when, and ...read more


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