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Annuity Articles address issues related to types of annuities - fixed, indexed, and variable - both deferred and immediate. They explain how they work, some of their tax-advantages, and some of their beneficiary aspects. They also deal with annuities to protect against longevity (living longer than you expected.  Find out if you should consider using an annuity to save for retirement or as part of your retirement income distributions

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You Can Rollover Your IRA into a Qualified Annuity
You can rollover your qualified plan into a qualified annuity. This eliminates any taxation on transferring your qualified plan money into a non-qualified annuity.  Here’s the scoop….read more

Beware of Limited Benefits of an Immediate Annuity for Medicaid Planning
Medicaid can pay for your long term care in a nursing home. But it’s a program only for the poor. Applicants must have very limited assets and income before Medicaid will pick up the costs of your care...read more


You Can Ladder Annuity Payouts Different Ways.  Here are Two
A beginning retiree has statistically many years of retirement. In fact, some retirees fear they might outlive their retirement assets. Longevity risk and having to weather fluctuating markets make laddering annuities an attractive retirement approach...read more


Don’t Let Your Immediate Annuity Funding Options Limit Your Choice of Annuity
Retirees looking for a vehicle to supply retirement income often consider annuities – specifically the immediate annuity. Though retirees may have specific arrangements set up for funding an immediate annuity, they should be prepared to go purchase the best paying annuity they can...read more


When Should You Buy an Immediate Annuity?
Using your savings to supply some part of your future income often means converting it to a life annuity. But, when should you consider beginning your life annuity?...read more


The Annuity Advantage Over The CD For Seniors
A certificate of deposit (CD) is a secure investment that earns interest for you. Using a fixed annuity is sometimes compared with using a CD. Let’s see how fixed annuities are different and possibly more advantageous...read more

Contract Restrictions On Annuities Affect Them As An Investments Choice
Annuities are insurance products. They’re a contract between an insurer and an annuitant. But contracts inevitably imply restrictions on both parties. So, beware of restrictions that make annuities different from other investments...read more

Retirement Investment Choices Between Guaranteed Income, Safe Income, and Growth
Considering how to invest your retirement money can make you crazy. But if you think through the reasons for choosing which type investment (or combination) is best for you, you can recover your sanity. So, let’s review the reasons for choosing each of the 3 retirement investments: guaranteed income, safe income, and growth...read more


Who Needs a Single Premium Immediate Fixed Annuity?
When retirement finally arrives, you’ll have to choose just how you’ll generate your retirement income. How much Social Security and pension income you have along with how much you’ve accumulated in savings and your risk tolerance together determines which way is best for you. But who should consider buying an immediate fixed annuity for its lifetime payments?...read more

Heads Up on Buying Annuities with More Options
Annuities offer a capability uniquely different from other investments: a lifetime income for a finite contribution. But the more ‘bells and whistles’ your annuity comes with, the more costly it will be...read more

Use Annuities in Place of Bonds for Retirement Income
Beyond their Social Security benefits and a pension, retirees rely on their savings to supply extra income for living. Using annuities rather than bonds in their savings portfolio may boost the assurance of maintaining that savings’ income. Here’s how…read more


An Overview of Annuities – Comparisons and Types
Annuity terms can be confusing. Here is an overview of how annuities are compared among each other and the meaning of terms used...read more


Tips About Using an Annuity for Future Payouts
The term ‘fixed annuity’ typically means that the earning rate on it is fixed - but, then only temporarily. It also implies a deferred annuity – i.e. one that hasn’t been annuitized...read more


The ‘CD-type’ Annuity Aims To Trump the CD
Annuity companies have come up with a CD-type annuity to better compete with a bank CD. Here’s what it’s all about...read more

What Do You Really Earn For Interest When Purchasing An Immediate Annuity?
As interest rates go up, so do immediate annuity quotes – and vice versa. Let’s consider what sort of interest rate you’d earn on an immediate annuity and the ramifications to you...read more

When You Should Use a Private Annuity to Keep It All in the Family
An immediate life annuity is a promise to pay an annuitant a monthly payment for the rest of his life. Only annuity companies with their large holdings and many clients can offer such a unique product to the public. But private annuities occur between family members which offer estate planning benefits in certain circumstances...read more

Is Buying An Annuity In Retirement An Option For You?
An annuity can grow your money and then pay you an income for life. But when should you use one in your retirement? Here’s when…read more

Should a Retiree Buy a Fixed or Variable Annuity?
As a retiree you want an income you can count on in the future. You probably have Social Security and, possibly, a pension too. Both are lifetime incomes with your Social Security indexed for inflation. But perhaps you’ve decided to invest some of your savings in an annuity to guarantee additional lifetime income. Should you go with a fixed or variable annuity?..read more


Where Annuities Are Vulnerable to Income Taxation
Annuities and cash value life insurance have a tax advantage in common; their earnings grow tax-deferred. But that’s where similarities end. Because an annuity is geared to be used while the owner is living, any of its earnings that come out of the contract will be subject to income tax.  Here’s when that occurs…read more


How Will My Annuity Be Taxed When I Die?
Part of estate planning includes knowing what tax burden each of your assets will create for your estate or beneficiaries. Your annuity is no exception. Let’s see what the tax consequence for it is after you die...read more

Annuity Options That Provide For the Both of You
Suppose you’ve decided that the comfort of a guaranteed lifetime income of an annuity is a solution for part of your retirement income. But if you’re married, or you have a relative or friend who needs your financial help, what sort of annuity arrangement can be made for the two of you?  Let’s see how that can be handled…read more

Offer Your Beneficiary a Stretched-Out Legacy from Your Longevity Annuity
A deferred longevity annuity offers you a future income beginning later in your retired life – to ensure you have an adequate income then. However, you might not get to use it because of your premature death. But, you can pass the advantage of its tax-deferred earnings to your annuity’s beneficiary and supply her income over much of her life...read more


How a CD Compares to Deferred Annuity on Safety, Return, and Investment Time
Retirees with cash often seek an investment with a lot of safety. Holding a certificate of deposit (CD) gives you that safety but sacrifices investment return. Let’s compare a CD to a deferred annuity for safety, return, and investment time. Then you can choose what’s best for you...read more


What Type of Annuity Is Safe for You?
Retirees who want to supplement their Social Security and pension income can look to their savings. They can invest those savings to generate an income or they can annuitize all or part of them. The annuity – as an insurance product – can offer a lifetime income. But are annuities safe? Well, that all depends on what you need to be safe from?..read more

What Protections Does a Fixed Annuity Offer Me?
Asset protection is an important consideration when deciding on retirement investments. One investment of particular interest to retirees is the annuity. Annuities are geared to protect you from running out of income while you’re living...read more

Retirees Should Avoid Variable Annuity for a Fixed Annuity and more…
Beginning retirees who are worried about outliving their income may consider buying a deferred annuity to begin payouts in their 80s as a guarantee to not run out of income. Despite having some 20 years to grow their investment, they should avoid a variable annuity in favor of a combination fixed annuity and a long term taxable investment. Here’s why…read more

How to Handle Inflation with a Fixed Annuity
If you worry about how to juggle your investments and withdrawal rates to preserve your retirement income, you may be better off just buying an annuity contract. It’ll pay you a fixed payout for the rest of your life. But inflation is the bane of fixe payout investments. Here are some considerations for handling both an annuity and inflation to keep your purchasing power more or less constant...read more

Retirees Can Use Fixed Term SPIAs to Keep in Control of Their Money
Today’s retirees often don’t have a company pension. Their only steady source of income is their Social Security benefits (SSB). But often that’s not enough and they want to count on an income that’ll cover their living expenses. If they’ve acquired a decent amount of savings they can use an annuity to assure them an adequate income without losing control of their money. Here’s how...read more

Use a Reversionary Annuity to Provide for Your Surviving Spouse
If your income doesn’t make adequate provision for your spouse if she survives you, you might consider a reversionary annuity to make a better income provision for her. This article explains when and how a reversionary annuity can be effective...read more

What are the Tax Consequences to the Beneficiary of My Annuity
Retirees especially like annuities because annuities can assure them an income for life. But some retirees will die before beginning their annuity or receiving all their guaranteed annuity benefits. Their beneficiaries will then receive those benefits. This article explains how those beneficiaries are taxed on those benefits...read more


Strategies for Retirees to Create Their Retirement Income and a Legacy
About-to-be retirees wonder how they can arrange a retirement income for themselves yet still maintain a legacy for their kids. Here are a few strategies to consider based on their pre-retirement income and savings. Use them to fashion your own approach...read more


Advantages and Disadvantages of Fixed, life Annuities for Retirement
A fixed, life annuity will pay you a fixed income for as long as you live. This is a very attractive feature of a retirement investment. Many soon-to-be retirees give life annuities serious considerations.  But all investments have both good and bad points, and fixed annuities are no exception. This article overviews some of their advantages and disadvantages...read more

Do a Tax-free 1035 Exchange of Your Old Annuity for a New One
If you have an old deferred annuity but feel that a new deferred annuity will serve you better, you can exchange the old one for the new one tax free. But you better consider if you’re really better off doing so...Read more

You Can Ladder Annuity Payouts Different Ways.  Here are Two
A beginning retiree statistically has about 25 years of retirement. In fact, some retirees fear they might outlive their retirement assets. Longevity risk and having to weather fluctuating markets make laddering annuities an attractive retirement approach to assure yourself an income for life...read more


A Way to Ladder Annuities for More Income than CDs
Retirees who want to count on a reliable income may be better off using annuities than CDs. The advantage of using annuities over a CD is that a deferred annuity grows tax-deferred, and immediate annuity payouts are only partially taxed. All a CD’s income is taxed as earned. Here’s a way to take advantage of this tax break to give you more income throughout your retirement years...read more


How Are Annuities Categorized?
Annuities may seem confusing. That’s due to all the options and fees some carry. This article explains the three ways all annuities are categorized to get you oriented...read more


Know the Benefits and Disbenefits of Annuities

You choose an annuity, like any investment, to achieve a goal. Knowing the benefits and disbenefits of an annuity is important to devising your strategy. This article outlines some of each...read more


A Guarantee of Lifetime Payments Is Itself a Return of an Annuity
You measure an investment by its risk and return. Generally, the less the risk, the less return you should expect.  Unlike other investments, a life annuity offers you a unique opportunity of an almost riskless investment with a possibly high return. This article shows you how to view the return that an immediate life annuity can give you...read more

An Immediate Life Annuity Returns Assurance and Potential Earnings
An immediate life annuity can be a good investment against outliving your money – a very real issue for retirees. That’s because it offers two returns – assurance of an income for the remainder of your life, and the possibility of earnings higher than you could get elsewhere if you live long enough. This article shows you how to figure your possible earnings aside from the assurance of never running out of money...read more

Payout Options and Penalties for Annuities
Fixed deferred annuities are life insurance contracts that guarantee a specific (fixed) interests rate. They also guarantee a return of your principal. And, you get tax -deferred growth of your money until you withdraw it. The same is true for variable deferred annuities...read more

How Qualified and Nonqualified Fixed Annuities Differ 

An annuity is an investment contract. Annuities have an  accumulation phase and annuitization phase. But what's the difference between a 'qualified' and 'nonqualified' annuity? ...read more


Annuities Help Retirees Secure An Income for Later in Retirement
One aspect to living is that we never know when we’ll die. Having saved money for their retirement income, retirees often worry that they’ll outlive their savings since life expectancies are increasing.  An annuity is an investment that is uniquely addressed to providing income for life. This article shows how you can use an annuity to assure yourself a future income if you live longer than you planned...read more


Income Taxation of Annuities, When and On What?

An annuity is both a contract with an insurance company and an investment. Your contributions (often called premium payments) to it are invested to produce earnings. This article explains when and what is taxed as income under annuitization, withdrawals, and gifts of your annuity...read more


Medicaid Planning With an Annuity
Medicaid planning refers to arranging or transferring your assets to prevent or to minimize their use by Medicaid if pay for your long term care. This article explains how you can shelter some of your assets with an annuity while you or your spouse has Medicaid pay for your long term care costs...read more



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