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Social Security Articles address how Social Security works, determines your benefits, produces incentives to hold off beginning your Social Security benefits. These articles show your benefits, and spouse benefits. How much work affects your benefits  and much more. Check them out.

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Your MAGI Determines How Much Your Social Security Is Taxed
Worried about your Social Security being taxed? Here’s how to figure when and how much...read more

Legally Separated or Divorced Spouses Maintain Full Claim on Ex’s Benefits
If you were legally separated or divorced, you can still claim your ‘spousal entitlement’ based on your ex-spouse’s Social Security earning record if you fulfill a few simple requirements. Here’s what they are...read more


The Social Security Trade-off Is Settling For Less Early Or More Later
At what age should you begin your Social Security retirement benefits? That’s the question. Since benefits increases the longer you wait, you should consider your present needs, your concern for a legacy to your children, and your longevity to help you decide the matter....read more

How a Spouse Can Claim Spousal Benefits Now and More Benefits Later
Social Security pays benefits (i.e. income) based either on your own earnings or on your spouse’s earnings. The latter is a spousal entitlement. Gimmicks abound by how you can increase your takings from the Social Security System. Here’s another…read more

Is It Worth Paying Back Early Social Security Benefits At 66 For Higher Benefit Payments?
Can you make out better taking you Social Security benefits early and then paying it all back at your full retirement age to get a higher payout? Yes and no. Here’s a way of evaluating it for you...read more

Social Security and Medicare Payments to Citizens Living Outside the US
Most retirees should have no problem receiving their Social Security benefits when they live abroad.  There are just a few exceptions. However, Medicare coverage is only for those living within the U.S. So if you’re not going to be living in the U.S., you can cancel your Medicare coverage to save some money. Here’s more...read more

How To Apply for Social Security Online

No, you don’t have to go to your local Social Security office to apply for your Social Security Benefits. You can do it from anywhere - because you can do it online. That can be a benefit if you’re vacationing in Europe or live in Utah when you want to apply – or whatever your circumstance...read more


An Overview of a Lower-earning Spouse’s Social Security Benefits

Planning for when to begin your Social Security (SS) benefits as a couple is important. The SS system can be tricky, but understanding the trends is important. Consider the case where the wife has earned substantially less than her husband and is somewhat younger than him...read more


Spouse’s SS Entitlement Is Reduced for Taking Her Working Benefits Early
Be careful not to undermine the Social Security benefits you expected. It’s easy to be confused by all the ramifications the Social Security system puts on benefits. Here’s an example of how a spouse who begins her own Social Security benefits early undermines her later ‘spousal’ Social Security entitlement...read more


Early Social Security Benefits with Working a lot Doesn’t Make Sense

If you think you’ll take your Social Security benefits early but still continue working a lot, you may want to consider if it makes good financial sense to do so. The Social Security Administration creates disincentives for taking Social Security before your full retirement age. Here’s how they work it...read more

Husband’s Early Retirement Will Lower Wife’s SS Entitlement Benefits
Usually, about 50% of people eligible to collect Social Security at 62 begin to collect it then. But collecting your Social Security benefits (i.e. income) before your full retirement age (FRA) will permanently reduce your benefits. That reduction is about 25% if you begin at age 62. This article explains how beginning your Social Security benefits early will limit your spouse’s Social Security marriage entitlement benefits...read more

How Much Social Security Can You Get If You’re Married?
Part of your retirement income will come from Social Security. But how much social security income can you expect as a married couple? As a spouse, you get the better of two Social Security incomes...read more 

Essential Understanding of Social Security Benefits for Retirees
If you’re considering when you should retire, you’ll need to know just when your Social Security benefits (i.e. monthly income) kicks in for you – and how much you’ll get. This article summarizes when and who gets Social Security benefits, how much, and what affects how much you get ...read more

Social Security Income – When Should You Start Receiving Yours
The Social Security permanently increases your benefits the longer you delay starting them. But that poses the problem of when is it best for you to begin. And that’s what this article addresses...read more

How Does Social Security Arrive at your Monthly Benefit?
Your Social Security benefit (monthly income) - whenever you choose to begin receiving Social security - is based on what your benefit would be if you started to receive it at your Full Retirement Age (FRA). I’ll call that your FRA SS benefit. Your FRA used to be 65 years old for everyone... read more

If You’re Married, How Much Social Security Will You Get?
How much social security income can you expect as a married couple? Actually, in that case, you get the better of two options. Each person – married or not - is entitled to his or her social security benefit according to his or her own earnings. In the case of marriage, you’ll receive the higher of what you are entitled to on your own earnings or what you are entitled to simply for being the spouse of your marriage partner – i.e. ‘the spousal entitlement’...read more



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