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This category treats both Medicare and Medicaid - related articles. These represent government programs that are of interest to retirees. These articles explain what these programs are about, who and when people qualify for them, and how you can use them to reduce your health expenses, and protect your assets too. See what interests you here.

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Where Do Medicare Advantage Plans Come In Under Medicare in 2014
Once you turn 65, you’re eligible for Medicare. But all the options associated with it can be confusing. Here’s some orientation…read more


Beware of Limited Benefits of an Immediate Annuity for Medicaid Planning
Medicaid can pay for your long term care in a nursing home. But it’s a program only for the poor. Applicants must have very limited assets and income before Medicaid will pick up the costs of your care...read more


There’s No Off-Shore Medicare Help Aside From Rare Travel Exceptions
Your Medicare coverage pretty much stops at the U.S. border. There are only a few exceptions to this policy. I’ll cover those with a few more comments...read more


Don’t Underestimate Off-Shore Healthcare Versus Medicare Benefits
Moving abroad for retirement can really lower your living expenses considerably. That way, your income can go a lot further. But Medicare won’t pay for your medical expenses that you incur off shore. That can scare a lot of retirees from moving abroad. But is this something that should scare you?..read more


Asset Transfer Considerations in Your Medicaid Planning
Long term care costs are very high and some of us will require long term care near the end of our lives. Medicaid covers the cost of your long term care for free. But, Medicaid is for those who are impoverished. So, if you have any assets, Medicaid will use up all but a few thousand dollars’ worth of your assets first to pay for its costs to care for you before picking up additional costs for free...read more


Proper Legal Advice On Handling Medicaid Can Save You Money
Many of us will need substantial long term care near the end of our life. That means paying for a nursing home; and that’s costly.  Medicaid will pay for your nursing home costs - but only if you’re impoverished as defined by your state. Medicaid will use up your assets first before picking up the costs. You need to get proper legal advice to minimize your loss of assets...read more

Does Medicare Ever Pay Your Long Term Care Costs – Yes and No
Medicare generally will not pay for the cost of long term care (LTC) because Medicare pays for only medical help – not nonskilled living assistance care which is what LTC refers to. But often a situation of LTC occurs in conjunction with a medical problem. Then Medicare will pay – but only for a short term. Here’s the scoop…read more

Ways to Handle the 5 Year Transfer Rule in your Medicaid Planning
‘Medicaid Planning’ refers to transferring your assets out of your control so you can qualify for Medicaid coverage of your long term care (LTC) costs as an impoverished person. This article orients you to this process and suggests ways to handle it...read more

Your 2011 ‘Means Testing’ Cost of Medicare Part B and Drug Premiums
Your Medicare Premiums now increase depending on your income. This is called ‘Means Testing’. This article shows what the premiums are for 2011 for both your Part B and Drug Premiums...read more

Begin Medicare with a Free Health Screening for Preventative Care
Medicare’s Prevention Coverage provides you with a one-time initial physical after you enroll. Also included are screening tests for heart disease and diabetes. The new healthcare law allows for annual wellness checks too – also at no charge.  Here’s what to do…read more

Medicare - What’s it all about?
The majority of people 65 or older have two health care options. These are Medicare and managed care. The Medicaid program gives medical assistance only for those with low incomes or disabilities. If you have typical income and assets, you’ll not qualify for ‘free’ Medicaid assistance. But if you’ve contributed enough through FICA taxes over the years, you are eligible for Medicare when you turn 65...read more

What Medicare Does for You – Updated for 2011
Medicare is a government regulated health care program for those 65 or older. You need to understand how it works. Here’s an overview with some 2011 updates ..read more

Your Medicare Premium is now Income-based
Slowly, the government is making Medicare coverage based on your income. The Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003 changed how Part B premiums are calculated for higher income users of Medicare....read more

Medicaid Planning With an Annuity
Medicaid planning refers to arranging or transferring your assets to prevent or to minimize their use by Medicaid if pay for your long term care. This article explains how you can shelter some of your assets with an annuity while you or your spouse has Medicaid pay for your long term care costs...read more



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