'The Wise Way to Financial Independence' - $9.95
(Your Path to Freedom and Security at Any Age)

If you're looking for a way to assure your financial future,

you've come to the right place.

You may be young or old, but you can find your way

with the information I give you in the 'wise way'.


Why make the effort to achieve financial Independence?

Because doing so:

And lastly, because it is doable - not just a lucky dream - as I show you.


The value of the 'wise way' is that it's a 'treasure map'.

It's gives you rules and procedures to show you how to achieve

financial independence based on


What do you have to do?... You must

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What is unique about 'wise way' is that it

    That's what makes the 'wise way' wise.


It's a plan to succeed under real life conditions. Use it as your mentor to build and preserve your future.


…You may need the ‘wise way’ more than you know



Learn how to become financially independent – ‘the wise way’


Wise Way maps out for you in 97 pages a way you can achieve financial independence – not just maybe - but so you can almost count on it. It’s not a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme or a meaningless formula. It’s a way that shows you practical guidelines and limits to achieving your independence.


It’s 'wise' because it’s based on realistic and practical parameters that you can count on achieving with a little effort.


Finally, it gives you a realistic – i.e. a ‘doable’ - way to achieve financial independence and wealth. And that’s a wise way to financial freedom. It involves three essential actions:

  1. Making annual contributions to savings
  2. Growing your savings at effective investment rates
  3. Protecting your savings from very real threats


Chapter 1 introduces you to what being financially independent means - and what it can do for making your life better. 


Chapters 2 and 3 explain how you can mathematically project growing your wealth based on a range of realistic parameters for contributing to your savings and letting it compound at reasonable investment growth rates.


I discuss how the wise way is realistic and adapts to your changing work earnings. And I compare the sensitivity to changes in your savings' contributions and compounding rates to your ‘time-to-independence’. This shows you the robustness of the wise way approach to financial independence.


Chapter 4 specifies the Wise Way’s ‘rules of the road’ – just so there’s no mistake on what you have to do – and not do. It is the map that keeps you on the way to independence.


Chapter 5 treats several classic situations for different people’s starting time-to-independence.


Chapter 6 shows that the investment growth rates that you need are attainable. I give an overview on taxation and how to handle your investments. I even show how you can get very high growth rates when you eventually get enough savings to begin making real estate investments.


Chapter 7 warns you that you must protect your savings against attacks on your wealth that will significantly undermine them or devastate you altogether. Pay attention. Such attacks are well within the possible – and, maybe the probable. They suggest you become aware of asset protection strategies for yourself and yours.


Lastly, Chapter 8 wraps it all up with a summary that you’ll want to make a part of how you think.


The ‘wise way to financial independence’ is not meant as a one-time consideration. It’s meant to be a constant companion to how you go through your life to assure you grow and prosper.


Use the information and tables I include to shorten your time-to-independence or get back on track if you slip.


The Wise Way is an investment in yourself. You can't go wrong. It's worth much more than its $9.95 price.


And, of course, you have my money back guarantee too.

Best Wishes ....Shane Flait

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